Today investing in lighting no longer requires a capital outlay


Investing in energy efficient lighting has never been easier.  Due to the amount of government supported incentives we have built relationships with the best providers in the sector.


Our business is lighting but we also want to help our customers achieve their goals of saving money through energy savings which is why we have partnered with the best financial service providers to suit your requirements.

Energy Efficient Lighting Cost

Energy Efficient Offset

Total Cost

Ongoing Savings per year

Benefits of working with Lighting Success’s financial suppliers:


• Funding available for Commercial, Industrial & Public Sectors

• Minimum finance available - $1,000.00 to include cost of installation

• Maximum orders - Millions

• Typical approval turnaround - 24 hours

• Maximum term - 12 years

• Flexible

• Tax efficient

• Preserves working capital




Credit checks: To qualify for Financing, businesses must have been trading for at least 3 years, financing is then offered subject to a normal credit assessment.


Energy saving assessment: Energy saving assessments will be conducted to check your expected CO2 reduction, and financial savings over time, should match or exceed your financial payments.





LED panels, displays


We produce high-definition full-color LED display and LED lighting, LED panels and various equipment.

Lighting Success is a provider of solid-state lighting technologies, engineering expertise and online simulation and design tools. Our mission is to facilitate application development and accelerate customers’ time to market. Our comprehensive portfolio includes a broad selection of LED system components, and integrated solutions that enable our customers to manufacture cost effective, energy efficient lighting applications.


We provide a comprehensive range of LED light sources, including high-power LEDs, mid-power LEDs, low-power LEDs, CoB, LED arrays, LED modules and LED light engines. Our portfolio is completed with a range of optical solutions, LED drivers, passive and active thermal solutions, connectors and controls.


Our world-class team of lighting experts, along with our global lighting resource centers, supply chain solutions and network of specialized partners, ensure the highest quality solid-state lighting solutions for customers.




LED lighting solutions in supermarkets




Numerous retailers are currently seeking to reduce the energy consumption in their stores and thus reduce their overall maintenance costs. Especially larger retail chains set business goals that aim at creating a more sustainable environment by reducing the energy consumption and the carbon footprint.




LED lighting applications are very useful in this regard. Our illuminated LED panels and our fire-rated Downlights can be installed throughout retail stores, including the shop floor, office spaces and warehouses. Designed for both ambient and accent lighting, our LED products offer flexible lighting solutions that help to maximise energy savings, lower carbon emissions and extend maintenance cycles while enhancing the shopping experience for the customers. Plus, LED lighting helps to enhance the visual appeal of the products and are especially adequate for the display of products that can be affected by light.


Case studies have demonstrated that retail stores can achieve a reduction of up to 75% in energy required for lighting as well as a 55% reduction in carbon emissions.



Refurbishment of offices with LED lights




Many offices in the UK have not been refurbished or modernised for a long time. Some offices were even built decades ago. Over the years the original lighting in the buildings can become increasingly inefficient from both an energy and from a running and maintenance point of view.




Our LED light panels measuring 600x600mm are the ideal lighting solution for commercial environments. The panels can be installed in office environments as well as in circulation areas of buildings, like toilets, kitchens and common rooms. LED Downlights can further provide enhanced lighting in focus areas, like in the toilet cubicles and over the washbasins.


With our LED panels installed in your offices you can achieve annual savings of approximately 65% on your running costs. In addition to this, you benefit from the much longer life span of LED lights, which further cut your general maintenance costs.


Case studies show that through LED lighting annual maintenance costs in offices can be reduced dramatically, by approximately 75-80%.


For more info visit our Commercial Office Lighting Sector.



High bay and security lighting for warehouses




Factories and warehouses consume a substantial amount of energy when it comes to lighting. Therefore, finding efficient and energy-saving lighting solutions is of major importance.




LED lighting offers the possibility to significantly reduce energy costs and the carbon footprint of businesses while improving the lighting output for the employees that are working in the warehouse. Especially for manufacturing tasks where a high level of focus and detail is required, a sufficient and bright lighting is essential. Our High Bay LED lamps, Bulkhead lamps and our Security Flood Lights provide excellent lighting solutions for warehouses, even for high ceiling installations. Our LED lamps can be installed as recessed ceiling lights throughout your facilities. Additional savings can be found through diminished maintenance needs due to the significantly longer life span of LED fixtures compared to the existing halogens or metal halides.


Compared to existing metal halide lamps, case studies have shown that LED lighting in some factories and warehouses yielded substantial energy cost savings of up to 90%, while maintenance needs can be reduced to zero.


For more info visit our Commercial Industrial Lighting Sector.



Installing LED lighting in schools




Studies have shown that for the energy consumption in an educational institution, lighting constitutes for a percentage from 25% (universities) to 70% (primary schools). This shows how important energy-efficient LED lighting technologies are in reducing the energy consumption and lowering the maintenance costs of a school, without compromising on the lighting quality. A sufficient lighting is crucial for creating a professional school environment in which students feel comfortable and encouraged to study and learn.




Our Ultra-Slim LED panels are designed to provide an ideal lighting instalment for educational premises. It is not only an energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting solution but further offers the possibility of controlling and dimming the lighting more effectively, whether in classrooms, lecture halls or school offices. Further options for your school are our LED Tube lights, Bulkhead lamps as well as our Security Flood Lights for installations outside. You can further benefit from the long life span of our products, which makes helps to reduce maintenance needs. In addition to this, LED lighting offers an improved quality of light and an enhanced visual appearance in all areas of the building.


Case studies have shown that educational premises can reduce their energy consumption by up to 50% by changing to LED lights. This further results in reduced carbon emissions.

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